DYI with the Kids: Soft Necklace

Since I do have a craft room full of things that I probably am not even aware of anymore I sometimes surprise myself delightfully with something that I find.

So these little fluffy balls popped up in a basket I had at the back of the shelf….

Fluffy balls

So the girls studied these for sometime while admiring their softness and colors. At some point it all got a little too out of hand and we had to have a search and rescue mission to save the balls all from disappearing. After the balls had been gathered once again into the basket we got down to business.

Making a necklace

1. Tie a knot to a jump ring.
2. String the soft balls.
3. Tie the second jump ring at the end of the balls.

Making a soft necklaceMaking a soft necklace

4. Tie a string to the jump rings. Remember to make sure to make it large enough.

Making a soft necklace


5. And you are done! Easy as that.

Making a soft necklace

This was a fun little craft moment for the kids. Especially my eldest liked it since she was given permission to use the needle which always needs a bit of patient and help at the start. Patients is a virtue they say and this is an important thing for all parents to remember.

I do believe that giving your children the opportunity to try new things is vital. That is the only way they will be able to master the skills. Let them sew, climb trees. jump, sing, ride a bike….the list goes on.

And have a craft moment.

– Alina

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