The wonderfully smelly treat from France

Last weekend I flew off to Paris for a girls long weekend. Ah…what a city. I surely will go there again someday. I loved the atmosphere, the food, the people and the wine.

Of course I could not come back empty handed. The main thing was to get the girls something nice to bring back. I decided to visit the Disney Store and bought them Frozen wallets. The store was absolutely packed with people and I was glad I did not have the girls with me. It was even a struggle for me.

For the adults it’s always harder to buy something. I felt like candy from the airport was just a waist of money and even though I do love a glass of red wine during the weekends I was not going buy wine. I decided to buy cheese. Food is never a bad idea!

CamembertSo if you are not familiar with Camembert cheese than you are in for a surprise. The cheese is delicious but smelly. Especially when the cheese gets a big warm it smells a lot. So we did literally smell on the airplain back home. But when I got home I didn’t just let anyone eat the cheeses straight away. they first needed a trick.

Open the wooden box and take the wrapping off the cheese. Cut off the hat off the cheese.

camembert cheese


Preheat the oven to 180 celsius. Put the cheeses back into the wooden boxes. Then chop some garlic and cover the top of the cheese (the one without the hat). Also add some fresh rosemary. I was so happy that I actually had the chance to use my own rosemary for the first time from my own garden. Makes it always a bit more special. And then a splash of good olive oil on top.

Camembert cheese


Let the cheese melt in the oven. I had to take them out before 10 minutes were due and they were still a bit hard on the inside. The warm the up quickly is to pop them into the microwave. Did not harm them at all.

Melted camembert cheese


Then it was just time to take out the baguette and start dipping.

Camembert cheese

Trust me this was the perfect evening snack. The whole family gathered for this and it lasted very well amazingly for 4 adults and two kids.  Try it. There isn’t a easier treat!

Have a great weekend everyone!

– Alina

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