Summer is close

Summer is around the corner. Some would probably say it is already here but I would say it isn’t warm enough yet. I did some gardening during the weekend and I planted some zucchinis, cucumbers, beans, salads etc. I don’t’ actually seem to remember what I put in the ground.

gardeningThe first plants that do delight us is my ultimate favorite is the rhubarb. Of course I could not keep my hands of it as the first stems started growing and I made a lovely pie from these. The pie consist of a cardamom  pastry cream like filling that was held together with gelatine. Oh so good!

Rhubarb pie

The great thing about making this sort of pie was that the only thing that you had to bake was the pie dough. I used a ready made dough so it was real quick and easy. After that I made the filling and put the rhubarb (that I had lightly cooked in sugar)
Rhubarb pie

Grilling also is a mandatory must when it comes to summer. It has been quite chilly as I said before but we decided to grill anyway. The chicken legs were grilled on a open fire which gave a lovely charcoal color to them and made then absolutely delicious. After taking them off the grill we addedWe also grilled some mushrooms that had a pesto and cream cheese filling and were wrapped in bacon stripes.

GrillingBut I’m off to the cottage again. Hope I can write soon. This is the busy season with all things ending before the holidays.

– Alina



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