All it needs are stones

I won’t go into a speech about these necklaces since in all you need are the pictures really. I guess in this case you could say it is all about the stones. There are no special little details. Most stones by themselves are beautiful. No words needed.

So first we have is a faceted agate stone necklace with sterling silver.

Agate stone necklace Agate stone necklaceAgate stone necklace


This necklace consists of agate stone, carnelia and different colored jades.

Jade, carnelian and agate neckalceJade, carnelian and agate neckalce

This piece is created using faceted  14 mm dyed jade. The lock has also been handmade from 2 mm sterling silver wire.

Large faceted jade necklaceLarge faceted jade necklaceLarge faceted jade necklace

This necklace is made using ametrine stones which shift colors from dark purple to yellow. The charms are sterling silver.

Ametrine necklaceAmetrine necklaceAmetrine necklace

This necklace had been made from dark purple/red dyed jade. The stones are 10 mm and faceted. The findings are sterling silver.

Dyed jadeDyed jadeDyed jade

In this piece I used sterling silver and 10 mm crystal quartz. The large jump rings are handmade using 2 mm sterling silver.

Crystal quartz necklace Crystal quartz necklace Crystal quartz necklaceThat’s it for today. I actually got a lot done this weekend but this post would have just been too long . I’ll get them for you soon here. Have a great week.

– Alina


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