Rich tomato soup

How can you brings some richness into soup without using cream? Easy, with dried bread.

We eat a lot of bread at home and sometimes breads just dry out and I really don’t want to throw them away. It hasn’t gone bad, just really dry. You could make bread crumbs from them but this time I decided to go for a soup.

Tomato soup

I let the bread soak in the tomato mash over night and in the morning it was all very easy to mash. I wanted to puree the soup so I also put it through a sieve to make it silky smooth. This takes a bit of time but I think it is worth it. I also added some herbs from the garden, salt, sugar and black pepper. I also cut up some chorizio and fried them on the pan until they were crispy. I loved the combo of the sweet tomato soup and the very salty chorizo.

Tomato soup

We had eaten some asparagus the day before and luckly we hadn’t been able eat them all. Asparagus time has now passed but with a bit of luck you might be able to still find some good ones.  Asparagus


Have great week everyone! Let’s see what’s next on the menu.

– Alina

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