Summer holiday

This is the first time in five years that I’m on my summer holiday. Before that I was just home with the kids but this year is different and I’m so much aware of the kids and how much they need time off without tight schedules and routines.

On thing that I have been concentrating on is my garden at the cottage. I have peas salads, spinach, dill, parsley, thyme, turnips, black root, beans, zucchinis and cucumbers etc. growing. I’m actually quite proud of it this year since I’ve been able to keep it clean from weeds.

My husband also built be some garden boxes into the city so I could have some fresh salad on the table everyday.

Otherwise it has been just blueberry and strawberry picking, summer evenings and nights, rain, driving around Finland, swimming, boat trips and laughing with friends. It was a wonderful holiday without any schedules and just spending time with my family. I added some picture from the summer to give you a glimps.

Garden box

Garden boxGarden GardenGardenGardenGarden

GardenMy own saladStrawberry pickingStrawberriesEating outsideBlueberry pickingTurnipsNew potatoes with dill and onion sproutsSummer evenings

Looking at these picture I did notice that I think we mainly concentrated on food. But how can you not, since it is the time of the year we get fresh ingredients straight from the ground. When you live in a country where you are at the mercy of the cold weather you do start appreciating what you can get during the summer.

I’ve got some fun things coming up tomorrow. Have a great Friday everyone



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