Blueberries – Saturday mornings and afternoons

Blueberries remind me of my childhood and  mornings at my grandmother’s place. Sometimes in the morning we got fresh blueberries in milk and a little bit of sugar on top. The simplicity of this treat is clear but it is delicious. A perfect little morning treat to eat during Saturday mornings.

Blueberries with milkBlueberries with milk

So if you still have blueberries left after the morning why note bake a pie. Some of you might have the read the post on the rhubarb just a few weeks back. That’s when I shared a recipe for this wonderful rhubarb pie that I had baked. I decided to try the pie with some blueberries. The feedback I was getting from my family was that the pie is the best with blueberries so I do encourage you to try this. You can the link here to the rhubarb pie post with the recipe.

Blueberry pie Blueberry pie

This pie is perfect for the Saturday coffee time. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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