Folder update

I have quite a lot of papers for crafts in the girls room and I’ve been working on clearing the shelves a bit. I had bought a couple of magazine files from Ikea that were just made out of white cardboard. I decided to bring some color to them by using my wash tapes.

magazine files updated

washi tapesmagazine files updated

I covered the ends of the files with washi tapes and then used colorful paper to cover the sides.

magazine files updatedThat was it but I do like how it brought some color to the all ready very colorful room. I was thinking that next time I’d like to cover the magazine files with some beautiful fabric if possible. Also if you do feel that the these are too colorful you can always just pick e.g. two washi tapes only to use.


I hope to write soon. Just started working at a new place and that always takes a lot of your energy up. Pretty much in the evenings I’m only ready for bed. So hopefully I can get back to you readers soon.


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