Meringue thank you bags

This post is so late that is does not even matter at all. Let it be an inspiration to you all who like to tank your teachers during christmas and spring time.

I’ve been on a holiday for the past weeks and during that time I suddenly realized that winter is here soon and there are always a few things I automatically start planning like my daugther’s birthday, christmas presents and Christmas thanks yous to the teachers.

So just to let you know what I made for the teacher’s last spring. This is of course a thank you that you can recreate into Christmas colors easily.

I decided to give something sweet and small to the teachers. I made pastel colored meringues that I put into little plastic bags for which I created small tags. See the pictures to get an idea.

So first you make the meringues. Then you can go all crazy with what colors you have. If you want little stripes in the meringues then just don’t mix the food color into the mixture too much.

marengue marengue

Into the oven. Note that these little treats do not need a long time but make sure that the oven isn’t too hot since then they tend to turn more brownish then the actually lovely color you were planning for. I had my oven on 90 Celsius and the meringues were in the oven for about 1.5 hours.


How did I know when they were ready? Well the best way was just to try!



I put the meringues into the plastic bags. The bags I found on Ebay and they were handy due to the little tape strips at I could use to seal the bags.


What was left…


The tags I made using colorful papers. I stamped a picture of flowers and thank you sign.

thank you tagsthank you tags

I like to give the girls a basket from where they can hand them out from. I just can’t bare to put gift bags into plastic bags. Makes the whole time worthless. It has to be tip top till the end and I think the girls also like the basket rather then just a plastic bag.

marengue treat bags
marengue treat bags

So in the end I made some more meringues. I played around a bit more but I could not resist putting them into one of my mother’s fancy crystal bowls. They just fit.


If you haven’t tried to make meringues, do ahead. It isn’t as hard as some make it sounds.


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