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Cement leaf tutorial

About 6 years ago I did some cement leaves and since then I haven’t had the chance. This summer I did not let the holidays get in the way and I finally got three leaves done. We’ve all probably seen … Continue reading

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Coconut and banana porridge

I told you about the strawberry porridge that I served to my girls during the summer. I thought I’d try something else as well since I do think that eating the same porridge every morning can get a bit boring. … Continue reading

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1,2,3 little bracelets

I’ve done quite a few bracelets this summer but I’ve just had no time to blog. You’ll see in my next blog post why. But getting to the point, here three bracelets that I have to show you. Hope you … Continue reading

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Rings for my girls tutorial

My eldest has been asking me when will she get her own rings and each time I’ve had tell her that when she is older. A few days back I decided to do something about this and finally we had … Continue reading

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