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Remembering the name day

I like to celebrate my kids’ name days a little. I think it’s a fun tiny thing between these ordinary days and I usually try to find something small for them to give. This year I found these to give … Continue reading

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Write down the famous words

Each parent has their moment when they just think that their kids are adorable and just can’t get enough of their world. After these laughter filled moments have passed we always think to ourselves why didn’t record this moment down … Continue reading

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White Christmas card

I not sure I’d be able to actually spend a white white Christmas. In the end I’d just add a bit of red and green here and there. I’m all about the traditional colors but I’m really trying to break … Continue reading

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New favorite shop and their challenge

The internet is full of virtual shops. I don’t even want to count the number of hours I spent roaming through these wonderful sites and drooling over the products they have. Living here in the north can sometimes be a … Continue reading

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Thank you

I like to thank people who have somehow made an difference in my life or my children’s. My daughter’s kindergarten year came to an end and next autumn she will move to a new place so this was the last … Continue reading

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To the host and hostess

Two cards were needed, one was for the hostess and the other one was for the host. Guess which is for who? 🙂 P.s. Never had so much fun doing a card then with the beer can one! -Alina

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Paper Butterflies

Why do butterflies just keep popping up in paper crafts? There is something so light and dream like I guess. They find their way into cards so easily and suddenly I noticed I had more than one butterfly card on … Continue reading

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Smoky quartz and tiny cards

I’ve once again concentrated on making cards and jewelry. I guess I’ve missed theses two hobbies so much that I can’t let them be anymore. First the jewelry. One of my favorite stone is smoky quartz. I’m surprised since I’m … Continue reading

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Birthday party action

So now it’s time to get busy since my daughter turned 3 yesterday and tomorrow we are having a party. I know, I’m still getting off easy since this party is just for relatives and few close friends. Probably next … Continue reading

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Birthdays and a baby

Once again birthdays came up and cards and presents were needed. The first birthday girl was my daughter’s cousin who turned 7. I decided not to get any so-called junk that they play with for a minute and then it … Continue reading

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