Framing memories

Mothers’ duties include treasuring all sorts of memories of our children. My mother has saved three pairs of shoes that I wore when I was around one year old.

One evening I was turning them around in my hands and wondering where to put them when a light bulb came on. Why not put on the wall? I found frames from Ikea that fit my idea perfectly. I think they are more like shadow box frames (not sure what to really call them, please correct me.)

I think they are going to end up on my daughters’ wall when it is the right time.

Framing shoes Framing shoes Framing shoesI still haven’t gotten around to framing the third pair since I’m missing the the frame for it. I’m also still not sure if the black frames were the right color. It’s classy but I seriously have no black at all at my house.  But it does frame the shoes quite nice.

Getting to Ikea has also been a hugh task even though it is only 15 minutes away. Maybe today? Photograph the last pair soon and update you guys on it then.


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