Yesterday’s highlights

A bunch of these old wooden crates have been lying around in our barn for years and I finally got myself to drag a few of them out. They have been used to carry beer and that is what is also written on the side of the crates in Finnish (love that). They have have been popping up in interior design in these past few years and this is one trend I love.

We recently bought a house with my husband and I will surely find a place for them there. The real vintage feel is great!

Wooden crates

The creates were the first highlight and the second one was to find that our yellow raspberries are ripe. The dark pink wild raspberries that we have been picking are the best but I do like the color of these little ones as well. I think we’ll just eat them like that.

kuva(3)Let’s see what I find today! Got some on my mind.

P.s. I had also entered a challenge at Less is More and I was showcased for the first time. Yey! Thank you to the team. I really don’t know how you can pick from all the entries.


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