Framing postcards

We are in the process of decorating our new kids room and it seems like it is going to be long ride. I did make a find during our summer holiday while visiting the city of Tampere, Finland. I took a peek inside a very interesting art gallery and their shop. The small shop sold pieces of Finnish handcrafts and arts and I could have bought a whole more if I had had the time.

The shop had some very lovely postcards which I straight away knew I wanted in our girls’ room. Here they are:

Postcards framedI fell in love with the story like and magical feel these pictures had. So at home I took out my silk paper collection and paired each card with matching colors. I used these silk papers behind the cards to bring them out in the frame. The silk papers really bring the poastcards to life.

That was all it needed and a great and cheap way to get beautiful work on you walls. But remember that if you put them on your kids’ walls, put them low enough for the kids to have a chance to really look at them.

Postcards framedPostcards framedPostcards framedDo forgive me, I do not remember the artists name. It is printed in the back of cards and I will open up the frame for you if you want to know.


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