Blue blueberry cupcakes

So in my previous post I had a blue card so to follow that color theme I did some small but tasty blueberry cupcakes with blue frosting. The cupcake dough was actually made from coconut milk which was a nice change to the basic cupcake ingredients. It tasted but not at all too much.

Blueberry cupcake

(12 cupcakes)

400ml coconut milk
1 dl melted butter
2 eggs
2 dl sugar
3.5 dl plain flour
2 teespoons baking powder
1 dl berries (in this case blueberries)

1. Turn your oven to 200 celsuis. Measure all the ingredients into a bowl and mix.
2. Divide the batter between twelve muffin tins. Bake approximately for 15 mins.

That’s it folks! Then I just covered the cupcakes with basic frosting which I dyed blue. They did not rise as much as  usual cupcakes but it did not bother me. It was easy and quick to make and tasted good.

Blueberry cupcake Blueberry cupcakeEnjoy!


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