Just white

White is something that works with everything but when adding whites together it really brings out the different hues. This set consists of round crystal quartz, seed beads, and round white jade. The small white seed beads were actually part of another bought jewelry piece which I broke down to get the seed beads. As I have said before never throw anything away.

Multistrand necklace

The wonderful thing about this necklace was that it went very easily with numerous outfits but at the same time it was a bold statement.

Multistrand necklace

Multistrand necklace

I also made a bracelet to go along with the necklace.

Multistrand bracelet

Multistrand bracelet

This set somehow reminds me that winter isn’t far away.

– Alina

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2 Responses to Just white

  1. Helena says:

    Vau, vau, vau, just white and I love it! Sold?

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