Something for the parents as well

My husband and I had the honor of being godparents to our friend’s daughter. Of course the little sweet girl received wonderful gifts from glitter shoes to baby books. When we were asked to be godparents I started think of what to get for the little one. Something practical is actually a very good gift but a bit boring. So I decided to combine practical and non-practical.

This was a good start but I still wanted something more and something that surely no one else could give. Makes it always a bit more special. So I decided to make something for the mother and the father as well. 

I did a cabochon pendant key chain for the father with their childrens’ names’ first letters. A ‘jewelry’ I felt I could give the father easily.

Cabochon Keychain Cabochon KeychainI then did a cabochon pendant necklace for the mother with the letters as well. I added a cherry quartz stone, a faceted rose quartz and a heart charm to it. Pretty cute I think!

Cabochon pendant

Cabochon pendantHoped they liked it. I did buy some clothes for the baby since those are always things that come in handy and it was the practical part. Then I just did a little cute package and we were ready to go. I love using silk paper in packaging. It is so quick and easy as well as showy. Always have some paper bags and silk paper in you drawers!


I used a flower brooch I had made on the package. It was something the mother could then take off and use in something else like a bag or a hat. Pretty much anything! It was a great way to liven up the brown paper bag.


Those are real easy to make and fun as well. Maybe a mini tutorial coming up sometime soon. Have a great day!


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2 Responses to Something for the parents as well

  1. Jen says:

    Thank you sweetheart for the presents! ❤


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