Write down the famous words

Each parent has their moment when they just think that their kids are adorable and just can’t get enough of their world. After these laughter filled moments have passed we always think to ourselves why didn’t record this moment down somehow.

I photograph my girls a lot so I’m not in need of pictures. I also try to video them as much as possible. But there are occasions that seem to fade with time and these are things that the girls say. They are usually things that make us parents at least smile or most of the time laugh with tears coming out of eyes. These are the things that I’ve been wanting to record. Their famous words!


I bought a empty A5 size book from the Tiger shop. It was perfect since the covers where blank white paper only. The best canvas for making it look like my own and not anybody elses.

The things that I wanted to write into the book where small conversations, thoughts, words or just some happening that included the girls.

I’ve already had the pleasure of starting it and I noticed that it has not been hard. My daughters have both quite a lot to say usually so I have pretty much material to use.

I’ve also noticed  that this ‘project’ of mine makes me concentrate even better on what my daughters have to say to me and others. An important quality we adults always must remember to work on. Listen to your children now and they will talk to you also when they grow up. But getting back to the book….



I took out my washi tape stach and started taping. Oh this was fun! I then cut out a circle and a scalloped cirle with my Big Shot and wrote my girls names on the circle. I then taped the circles onto the cover and covered the whole book with clear plastic film.


When you opened the book you could see the ends of the washi tapes and the plastic film so I cut out two A5 pieces of nice scrapbook paper and taped it on to cover the end bits. I used double sided tape for this.

It’s  along wait but it’ll be fun to see what it will hold after 10 years.

– Alina

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