Struggeling – just a quick card

Having small kids means you only have a limited amount of time for yourself per day. These hours are between 9 p.m.-6 a.m. and the nap time hour during the day. These hours are precious to me if I do want to concentrate on my own crafts and the one thing that really annoys me if I don’t use these hours to their full extent. The past few days have been like that….

I did get this card done but it took me nearly 3 days. I just sat in front of the table staring. I’ll comfort myself with one of Andy Warhol’s quotes:

I’ll just get away with this card today and move on. I’ll take part in the P*skarteluhaaste #216 with this card. The challenge was to use stamps but not to color them at all. I stamped this beautiful large flower onto a paper with blue flowers on it. Unfortunately you may not see it too well in the photo. ( My camera also broke and now I can only use certain settings which I do not prefer to use. Oh…great right?!?)


Let’s hope that things just get a little easier. I’m done with this staring at the table only.

– Alina

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2 Responses to Struggeling – just a quick card

  1. Katja H says:

    What a beatiful card. 🙂

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