Lilacs – delicate richness around the corner

One of the wonderful moments of summer is that there are flowers all around. If it was possible I’d have fresh flowers on my table everyday but in the end that can end up being quite expensive. Luckly during the summer you can use the wilderness around us.

In the beginning of the summer the lilacs are in bloom. These beautiful flowers are one of my favorites and they can easily be found here. They are so popular that it can be found usually even growing wild.

Lilac Lilac

I picked up a whole branch of the lilacs on my way home from a bush that was growing wild next to our house.


Oh I could so see these being used in a wedding as well. What and easy, cheap way to get fantastic looking flowers for a wedding. The color range is also great ranging from white to dark purple and pink. I used mostly wild flowers in my wedding and combined them with flowers that I bought from wholesale. Saved money by this way.

Lilac LilacBrighten up your weekend by taking a walk outside and finding beautiful flowers. No need for flower shops always.

– Alina



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