Leather with little beads

I really seem to be drawn to leather and just silver right now. I’m struggling to add some color but in the end I tend to just use leather and silver. Luckly through out my years of crafting I’ve noticed that things come back. Sometimes you loose the spark and suddenly it is there again. So no worries.

Leather bracelet Leather bracelet

I used 1 mm brown leather cord. It is quite frail but if you have many of them they endure usage better. I  4 mm alloy metal cubes that I just love. Any small silver cubes just have a soft spot in my heart. I also ordered some larger lobster clasps. The bigger the lock the better I’ve noticed.

Leather braceletI added a tear drop shaped faceted crystal quartz to the bracelet and just freely twisted some 0.6 mm metal wire around it. I’m looking forward to trying this this some thicker leather cord.

– Alina


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