Happy Birthday gift for father

Hip hip hooray!

My father just turned 56 years old and I had to ponder for a while what I should get for him. It was of course clear that I should make a card for him but what was the gift going to be. In the end I decided that it was going to be food since we all already had so much material. Food is always an easy but great gift.

I created a fun and not too oldish ( is that a word?) card. The food turned out to be more of a little snack kind that I know my father prefers. I did smoked salmon paste which is fab on rye bread(especially very hard rye bread) and then I also did honey and thyme marinated garlic cloves.  Those go with nearly anything or nothing.


I do apologize for the half full jar of smoked salmon paste. We had already had a bit of a taste by then. 🙂


I was pleased and I think he was too. Happy Birthday father!


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1 Response to Happy Birthday gift for father

  1. Thanks! The taste was excellent (now the paste jar is already empty …) 🙂

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