Cinnamon Muffins

I know, Christmas is over but one flavor I will not let go off even in the summer. I love cinnamon. Just before the most hectic Christmas times there was a piece in the news here that cinnamon has been forbidden in Finnish day cares because it is apparently poisonous. Don’t be alarmed like everyone else. If I understood correctly, you must consume a large amount of cinnamon for it to be poisonous. So as a mother I will still keep using it and giving it to my kids. And as a tribute to this wonderful spice I made some cinnamon muffins.

cinnamon muffins

You can find the the recipe here in Finnish. I loved the cupcake dough actually and will surely use it again as the base for another cupcake recipe. If you want it in english just send me a comment.

Cinnamon muffinsThe frosting on these cinnamon cupcakes did not work but you do get the idea. Something went wrong with the mixture and in the end we had to throw it away. I did try the frosting again and I finally did get some sort of an result. I’m still learning. the problem is that I can’t keep making muffins all the time. This isn’t the healthiest of hobbies.

Chocolate muffins with frosting

I really like the food to look good as well. It isn’t enough for me that it tastes good. Got to work on this…

– Alina

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